Etrog Boxes – We’re ready for you!

We are fully stocked on the latest and greatest styles of silver etrog boxes and silver/mahogany etrog boxes.  They are a must see and as usual the prices are extremely competitive.  My personal favorite is the Persian Bubble’s Esrog box, which you can see on the right, but you can beg to differ!  Which ones are your favorite?  We’d love to hear!

7 Responses

  1. I like the roma etrog box
    It matches my roma silver candlesticks and my husband’s roma silver menorah. I even have the roma silver tray It’ll look great in our curio!

  2. Love this site! Stunning Etrog Boxes!

  3. What is the turn-around on this etrog box? How soon can i get it?

    [Chassan’s Place Moderator Comment] – If in stock (and it usually is!) then we can ship within a day and you receive a few days later.

  4. You’ve got so many beautiful etrog boxes to choose from. You also have the best prices around. I’m thinking about getting one for my husband for Succos. He would love that!

  5. Such quick service and polite people. I can’t wait for succot to give my chattan his etrog box. I’m sure he will love it as much as I do!

  6. I love the King Mirror Etrog Box
    Do you do name engravings?

  7. We offer custom engravings on our silver etrog boxes as well as on all other sterling silver items for just .75 cents per letter.
    Some people like to have their name engraved on the silver, while others request to engrave their wishes and blessings on their gift to a loved one.
    This is another reason why silver gifts are so popular – they are an everlasting memory!

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