Our Shtenders Have Arrived!

Shtender Supreme by The Chassan\'s PlaceWe’ve waited a while for this moment and are very excited to roll out our very own line of shtenders – and what a masterpiece it is!  Our shtender which we aptly name “Shtender Supreme” has already made quite a noise with people placing their orders online.  We have actually started manufacturing our second batch!

Check out these exciting features:

  • Entirely Solid Wood – and we mean it!  We actually broke apart the first shtender just to confirm this!
  • Easy Assembly – we tested many men (and women) and they all agreed to the ease of assembly.
  • Detachable Tabletop – take the tabletop to shul for yomtov
  • Sitting Shtender – We put a special ‘lip’ on the open shtender door so that you can learn while sitting down and rest your sefer at a comfortable sitting height
  • Lock and Key – store your leather machzorim and precious seforim (not to mention candy) without fear of it being taken

And of course the Shtender Supreme has a beautiful finish and craftsmanship which you will be proud to display in your study, dining or living room.

Call us for more information while it lasts – 732.200.0262
Wholesale Orders Welcome

4 Responses

  1. I just received the Shtender, and I’m extremely satisfied with it. It’s not just a shtender – it’s a beautiful piece of furniture to enhance my home study! Assembly was very simply, didn’t take more than 5 minutes. Thank you!

  2. Received my shtender erev Yom Tov as a birthday present from my children
    It is well crafted and functional besides being a beautiful additional to the Bais Medrash. I love the rolled edges, great idea. Are there any plans to offer different height options? Thanks for a great product.
    G’mar chasimah tova

  3. I love my new shtender! Well-constructed, easy to assemble, very comfortable for davening, whether standing or sitting.

  4. The shtender is beautiful, very well made and easy to put together.
    Thank you for shipping it so quickly.

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