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Silver and Wood Shtender Clearance
October 23, 2013

I am always looking for useful and original gifts.  It’s one of those “things” that are always on my to do list.  Bar Mitzvah gift for nephew. Birthday present for husband (that’s the hardest one!!). Thank you gift for teacher or Rebbi.


Take a  look at  these shtenders currently in stock at  A shtender is the jewish word for a book-stand and  is used at home, school or synagogue as a practical place to put your book, siddur or sefer.  The shtenders being sold at are unique in the fact  that they’re tabletop size and foldable so it won’t get in the way when not in use. They are also beautiful to behold, with sterling silver accents inlaid in the wooden shtender. A gift that’s beautiful and functional at the same time!

But it gets better.  It won’t break the bank either.  At only $110 this fits my budget for a gift for the bar mitzvah boy, or hubby.  How about a Chanukah gift for your father or father-in-law? values your patronage and will provide a discount on bulk orders.   If you buy 5 shtenders or more, you will receive a discount of $20 per unit.  If you buy 10 shtenders or more you get a larger discount of $30 per piece.

Silver Candlesticks – Silver & You!
May 26, 2009

Bolero Hammered Silver Candlesticks

Bolero Hammered Silver Candlesticks

Our already vast selection of candlesticks has just grown!  We proudly introduce the latest Hazorfim releases on the shabbat candlestick front.

The most popular style this season is the new and sophisticated Bolero Silver Candlesticks.  Sleek and elegant without comparison.  Choose from either the Hammered or Sleek look.

And then there is the Elegant Silver Candlesticks line which has a class of its own.  Traditional and classy at the same time!

The Zurich Silver Candlesticks have a statement of their own to make!  Sharp lines and attention to detail – zoom in real close to see this magnificent pair of candlesticks.

These and many more have joined our silver candlesticks showcase and we look forward to helping you choose your very own pair of candlesticks to grace your shabbat table.

Since we stock all silver items displayed on our site, boasts  close up and one-of-a-kind photographs for your browsing comfort!

Honey Dishes Oh So Sweet!
August 27, 2008

Silver Honey Dish

Silver Honey Dishes

We can all easily bring to mind that sight of the Rosh Hashana table set in all its spendor.  The red apples resting on the yom tov table right next to the honey dish filled to the top with rich golden honey.  An awesome sight indeed.

The Chassan’s Place has a large range of silver honey dishes in an array of styles.  Honey Dishes with a foot, some honey dishes without.  Some with a little crystal and some with a lot!

No matter your taste, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with our selection.

Come buy!

A Pesach Set Fit For Royalty
March 18, 2008

Pesach SetThey’ve caught your eye everywhere, and they really do look royal.  But the price is probably just as royal – no?  No!  The ChassansPlace has a complete line of pesach sets that won’t break your coffers! 

The material? Finest brocade.  The tassels? Maginifcent ropes of gold.  The designs?  Straight from the artists.  The finest materials and workmanships have gathered together to make your Pesach Seder table fit for a king with these brocade pesach sets.

Wedding Benchers and Birkonim
September 6, 2007

Birkat HamazonNeed benchers or birkonim for your simcha? These popular souvenirs are a really sweet and practical way for your guests to remember your simcha and the good times they had there. Not only are these benchers great for a chatunah, they are becoming increasingly popular at bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs and sheva brachot.

We even have a selection of Nussach Ari Benchers – Chabad Benchers!

With a full selection of Zemirot Shabbat, Seasonal Benchers, Special Tefillos (like Hafrashat Challah Booklets, Bris Milah Booklets, and Perek Shirah) to name a few, your simcha is bound to be complete!

How do you like your shtender?
August 27, 2007

ShtenderWe are in the process of re-designing our shtenders. We want to take our already popular shtender and make it even better! This is a very exciting operation as we see the ‘perfect shtender’ is in demand! Since we started selling our solid wood shtenders, we’ve received numerous suggestions and now we wanted to hear from you…

Tell us what you are looking for in a shtender and if we use your suggestion, recieve 5% OFF your shtender purchase! How’s that for a good deal?!

Silver Menorah’s in Elul??
August 20, 2007

Chabad Silver MenorahYes, it is hard to believe, but we are seeing an increased interest in silver menorahs during the last month or so!  We’ve had a number of customers request the chabad menorah as seen on left and then there are a number of other styles that seem to be running out the door like the Torino Silver Menorah and the Korinth Silver Menorah.  But I don’t want to get carried away with menorahs in Elul, we’ll go into detail about our exclusive styles when we get there!  Kislev is not that far away! 

Linen and Bedding – Our latest Addition
August 13, 2007

Brocade LinenWe are excited to announce that we have now added a line of luxurious brocade, tapestry, 100% cotton and cotton/poly linen sets to our growing collection of products for the chassan and kallah.  You can check them out here:  Brocade Linen Sets  

We’d love your feedback on our linen sets!